items we accept-

We buy all metals

– Ferrous (magnetic) & Non-ferrous (non-magnetic), with only a few exceptions (listed at right)

– Copper pipe, copper sheet, copper & alum wires, all grades wire, Christmas light wire, electric motors, transformers.

– Yellow and red brass, clean & brkg

– Various aluminums, aluminum cans, aluminum sheet & wheels, aluminum radiators, cast & stainless

– Scrap steel (including appliances, steel cans, BBQ grills, bicycles, drained lawnmowers, fencing, drained engine blocks, complete vehicles), steel wheels

– Lead weights, soft lead, & Vehicle Batteries

– Catalytic converters, radiators (all types), starters, alternators, drained transmissions (oil pan removed), pistons

– Appliances

  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Stoves
  • Refrigerators/Freezers* 

– Stainless steel​

– Cell Phones​

items we do not accept-

We no longer accept electronics at this location. You can recycle your electronics with BlueStarRecyclers or South Canyon Landfill.

– Tires

– Propane tanks with valves

– Trash, paper, plastic, tires, wood, cardboard, rubber


– Precious metals ie, silver & gold

– Liquid or gas filled containers of any kind!

– Sodium switches

– Any unknown chemical substances or residue, paint cans full or empty, any items contaminated w/asbestos.

ANY oils, paints, or liquids.

– Any sealed units or tanks

  • only accepted if torch cut in half i.e., propane tanks, gas barrels.

– Capacitors, florescent bulbs

– Ballasts that do not say “no PCBs,” oil filters, CRT tubes, mercury switches, thermostats, aerosol cans.

– Undrained motors, undrained engine parts, undrained transmissions


We charge $40 per refrigerator/freezer unit, $45 per AC unit. We charge this fee to professionally evacuate and recycle the Freon. Units with “cut lines” will still be charged (cutting lines is harmful to the atmosphere!). If your unit is tagged (proof of evacuation), we will not need to charge a fee.